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Here at Sophin, our goal is to add a slight yet stunning touch to our customers' style with our prestigously crafted pieces, transforming their entire look by doing so. Our entire purpose is to simply empower both the women and men of the coming generation.


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What Others Are Saying!

MAGIC! This is the first word that came to my mind when I opened my delivery.

Azriel Rea

Where do I start! So many positive things to say ... Beautiful quality and design. Great business with wonderful ethical and environmental values ... I love this jewellery and hope to eventually have one of everything!

Mike Cody

Your customer service is fantastic and your jewellery is beautiful. I'm looking forward to my next Sophin purchase.

Katherine Fo

I have previously purchased items from Sophin and the quality is exceptional. Thanks.

Tim Burton

I bought a beautiful pendant for my sister's birthday in two months. Well, I like it so much I gave it to her yesterday because I knew if I didn't, she'd never get it. My sister loves it. Thank you.

Nicki Ferro
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